Shed Bistro

Shed bistro opened it’s doors in 2012 and since then has been a popular eatery in the Ormeau road neighbourhood. During a very unique dining experience where the whole kitchen is on show you can quite literally hear your dinner sizzling away and smell the wonderful creations that are being prepared.

New Ownership

Taken over by the Head chef Jonny Taylor, who worked in the Shed and knows it inside out. We aim to deliver best of fresh and local produce to create dishes that are best possible quality and still maintain value for money. We strongly believe that people should eat out more often. So why dine in, when you can dine out! Saves all the hassle of doing the dishes!

New owner Jonny Taylor

With more than twenty years of experience within the industry Jonny has spent 10 years in Scotland working and running some of the best award-winning restaurants. He has gained experience working at senior level for some of the biggest companies and well-known chefs within the industry including Paul Rankin and Jamie Oliver to name but a few.

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